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Mount Kilimanjaro Topograph


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Mount Kilimanjaro, affectionately known as “Kili” by some, is the fourth most topographically prominent peak on the globe.  Those who wish to summit the mountain start their journey by hiking through lush greenery alongside exotic wildlife. As they get closer to the top, the vegetation gives way to a rocky vista. The few who have the fortitude and good fortune to make it to the summit might feel like they have landed on another planet. Even though Mount Kilimanjaro is located on the equator, the peak stands so high that the summit is perpetually covered in snow and glaciers. In the 3D model, the crater at the top of the mountain dances with light and shadow, a vestige of the powerful eruptions that took place there thousands of years ago.


Alpeaks can engrave the bottom of your topographs with personalized messages. There's plenty of space to engrave dates, GPS coordinates, or short messages for birthdays, summit-dates, retirements, or anything else you can think of. Add Custom Engraving to your cart here!


Because Alpeaks topographs models are meant to be held and touched, they allow you to appreciate the beauty of your favorite terrain in ways that no other product can.  The model has been CNC machined out of solid aluminum using 3D models produced with USGS topographical data. With a diameter of 3.5" and the height of up to 1.75" this item is perfect for desks, coffee tables, shelves, and window sills. The many facets of this model shimmer beautifully when placed near a window or other light source.

  • - 100% American Made
  • - Meticulous attention to detail on every feature
  • - 3.5" base detailed with Alpeaks logo and Made in USA text
  • - 3" diameter model, up to 1.75" tall
  • - Made with raw aluminum billet & stainless steel screws
  • - Engraved 5 degree division compass
  • - Packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and kraft paper


All Alpeaks topographical models are produced with high resolution USGS topo data collected by the space shuttle in the year 2000. This means that each topograph appears exactly the same as the place it's modeled after.


Alpeaks topographs are 100% made in the USA with American-made materials and tools.  We use the highest quality aluminum billet available, which means your model will be around until someone melts it down.  Everything from our by-product, to our metal-cutting tools, to our packaging is 100% recyclable to make absolutely sure we leave nothing behind except for awesome products and happy customers. 

Customer Reviews

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Theresa DeWitt
Such a cool gift!

Bought this as a gift and was extremely pleased with both the originality and the quality of the product. Shipped very quickly, too.

Todd McIntyre
This thing is awesome.

Had this delivered to me to send to my son as part of a Christmas package.

He climbed Mt Elbert last summer. Started a new job out of state. Thought this would be a good thing for him to have on his desk.

Got to say: The piece is fantastic.

Just tremendous.

Fit, feel, general look are far better than I expected.
Based on the pictures I expected 'good quality' This is well beyond that.

As he climbs different peaks in the catalog, I'll be buying another one. Hopefully, he'll have a full collection in the next five to ten years. Well, the US peaks. He can buy his own Everest.

Emily Markey
Mt. Washington

This is an awesome gift! Can’t wait to collect more as I scale more mountains! This did cover the top half of the mountain, not the whole mountain. Just something to keep in mind! But still an awesome job, nice and solid!

Christina Fallon

Beautiful !

Robert Zaagman
Alpeaks. Albest.

Great purchase on several occasions.
3 units for me. 3 more for Christmas presents.
Outstanding material and quality.
Proudly displayed.